Frequently Asked Questions

Central Indiana Paralegal Service LLC (CIPS) is a comprehensive business information service company with the goal of providing quality service in a timely and cost effective manner.

At CIPS we realize what “time is of the essence” means and make every effort to search, retrieve or file your information or documents as quickly as possible. Through our correspondent network, both statewide and nationwide, we are able to obtain public records and/or information in virtually any jurisdiction in the country.

Contact us when you need information on:
  • Civil searches; i.e., bankruptcies, judgments, suits, UCCs and tax liens
  • UCC filing at the state level and Fixture Filing at the county level
  • Filing and retrieval of corporate documents
  • Document retrievals, in general
  • Registered Agent service

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Central Indiana Paralegal Service LLC
Phone: 317-636-1311 Fax: 317-636-1426
e-mail: info@cips1.com